Newborn Photography 2016

As the year comes to close I always like to reevaluate my business and see what I would like to change. My newborn sessions has been something in back of my mind that I wanted to differentiate myself from . I been doing the back drop with props for the past couple of years and its something every photographer does so this is what I wanted to take a step back and think what can I do to make it different. I love shooting lifestyle and story telling so I found a way to incorporate into what I wanted to do.I want my newborn session to tell a story of mom and dad cherishing this moment of them being parents . Knowing now they have this tiny human to take care and will do anything for. Its this whole different kind of happiness.I also wanted to include more then the parents, having a newborn brings joy to so many more people ! That’s when I thought of having the grandparents and godparents join in  . I loved that moment when Grandma held her grandchild and you can see through the pictures that smile , that the moment has finally arrived . I wanted to capture that , that joy. I decided to do all the images in black in white because there is less of a distraction whether be it a poster in the background or  bright lipstick . Color usually brings your eye to a certain part of the image and  I wanted the focus to be the baby so by making it black and white and making sure I knew where my light was and were it fell I did that .

I had my first newborn session with this style with Diane. She was the PERFECT client for it. I told her my idea in the beginning and she said she was on board with my idea because she trusted me 🙂 The session came out amazing I wanted the images to be natural and be full of emotion. After my first trial run it gave ideas of what other stuff I would like to incorporate .

*Newborn session will include the following *

2-4 hrs of professional photography

40 page album

50 birth announcements

high res images on a cd

1- 16×20 of your choice


Investment = 3 payments of $321

(1st payment due day of booking , 2nd day of shoot, and 3rd when final product is received)


Please follow the link to see the video


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